The class is available to high school seniors. All interested candidates should ask about our CPR training classes.

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Program InformationDental Assisting Program Curriculum

Dental Assisting Training

The Arizona School of Dental Assisting prepares students for entry level positions as a chairside assistant in a dental office. Students will learn proper chairside assisting by practicing the procedural skills necessary for the position, dental office management, infection control and patient education . Upon graduation, you will receive a Dental Assisting Diploma, making you eligible to work in almost any dental office.

The Dental Assisting program involves twelve weeks of "hands on" training where students have the opportunity of practicing the various routines of chairside assisting. At the completion of the twelve-week portion of the training, the students must successfully complete a 40-hour externship in a local dental office. The externship may be completed in one week or may be spread over a two to three week period.

The Dental Assisting Program Curriculum:

Week Subject Clock Hours
Week 1 Orientation to the Profession 6
Week 2 Initial Clinical Orientation 6
Week 3 Dental Anatomy and Physiology 6
Week 4 Dental Charting 6
Week 5 Sterilization & Infection Control 6
Week 6 Dental X-ray Techniques I 6
Week 7 Dental X-ray Techniques II 6
Week 8 Instrumentation 6
Week 9 Dental Materials I 6
Week 10 Dental Materials II 6
Week 11 Advanced Clinical Procedures 6
Week 12 Preventive Dentistry 6
  Externship 40
  Total Clock Hours 112

Class times for 2015:

Month Start Date End Date
January 6 10AM - 1PM (Tuesday - Thursday) March 26
February 2 6PM - 9PM (Monday - Wednesday) April 22
March 10 2PM - 5PM (Tuesday - Thursday) May 28
April 7 10AM - 1PM (Tuesday - Thursday) June 25
May 4 6PM - 9PM (Monday - Wednesday) July 22
June 9 2PM - 5PM (Tuesday - Thursday) August 27
July 7 10AM - 1PM (Tuesday - Thursday) September 24
August 3 6PM - 9PM (Monday - Wednesday) October 21
September 8 2PM - 5PM (Tuesday - Thursday) November 26
October 6 10AM - 1PM (Tuesday - Thursday) December 24
November 2 6PM - 9PM (Monday - Wednesday) -

**Class times subject to change**